International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

Socio-Ethical Fraternity of Christianity and Islam: Healing Balm for Conflict Resolution in Nigeria

Socio-religious conflict and crises have characteristically emerged as a predominant and factorial experience of the Nigerian populace. Nigerian history is consistently replete with instances of socio-cultural and religious conflict. The rate of killings, maiming and wanton destruction of lives and properties have alarmingly escalated over the years. This is accrued to the distinct polarization of Christian and Islamic scruples. The passionate adherence and extrematization of these religious teachings by ignorant, less-informed but over zealous admirers of these religious views have often set the various groups at war against each other. It is against this backdrop that this paper projects the fraternity of Christianity and Islam as a therapeutic instrument for conflict resolution in Nigeria. The formulation of common grounds for mutual and complementary co-existence of Christians and Muslims remains as focal point for the actualization of the task of this paper. This paper believes strongly in the cordiality and fraternization of the two prominent religions to be a signpost and consequent cynosure for peace, unity and co-operation. It is in the wisdom of this paper, very disheartening that lives and properties are carelessly and consciously wasted all in the name of religious fanaticism and preservation. It is indeed, disappointing that God (Allah) whom the defenders of the two religions are worshiping is not an author of violence, and has not seen conflict as a better or one of the accepted approaches to reaching him. It is on this premise that this paper is viewed as a clarion call for all concerned apostles of the two religions to tow the path of honour by approaching peace, using the instrument of dialogue, enlightenment campaign, workshops and seminar for the re-education of their intellect. It is also, necessary for the sermon of fraternity of the two religions to be preached and widespread due to its unlimited advantages in both human and material resources. This paper strongly submits that fraternity and the unity of both religions will go a long way to addressing Nigeria’s perennial socio-political quagmire which is worsened by the apostles of religious sect.

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