International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

Social Media and Special Marshal Activities: A Logistic Approach
Andohol Jerome

Social media provides an opportunity where people share news and information in real time online. This paper intends to harness the advantages provided by this platform to enhance the activities of Road Special Marshal Corps (RSMC) in Benue State Nigeria towards building safety nets for Road users as well as rendition of assistance to the Road Safety Regular Marshal Corps of the Federal Road Safety Commission of Nigeria. The questionnaire format was adopted to draw responses from the Four Hundred and Eighty- Seven (487) RSMC of Benue State. This number served as the population sample of the study, out of which Four Hundred and Eighty (480) responses were received. Using descriptive statistics, percentages ,ratio and the Logistic Regression approach as tools of analysis, it was discovered that the apathy developed by Road Special Marshal Corps on the use of social media to enhance their activities stem from the poor appreciation of the social media by the average Benue driver. In addition, as the average Benue driver and the Special Marshal(SM) gets older, they become more alien to the use of social media. It is also revealed that the more educated the average Benue driver becomes, the more ineffective the usage of the social media will be towards enhancing the activities of the SM. However, the reverse would be the case when SMs become more educated, as the effectiveness of the use of social media to enhance their activities increases. Normative beliefs and habits formed overtime are variables associated with such behavioral tendencies expressed above. To change these attitudes, It is recommended that aside organizing several training workshops and instructional materials, which must be elaborative, comprehensive and comprehensible, there should be a conscious drive towards training and retraining of the Benue driver and SMs on modern communication skills that would facilitate information dissemination, all in an effort geared towards the provision of safety tips for the Benue road user.

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