International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

Language Culture of Brahmanism-Hinduism and Buddhism Related To Thai Kings in Bangkok Period
Kowit Pimpuang

This paper is based on the research work aimed to explore the language culture of Brahmanism-Hinduism and Buddhism related to Thai kings in Bangkok period. The objectives of this study were dealt mainly 1) to explore the relations between Buddhism and Brahmanism-Hinduism, which are integrated in Thai society; 2) to explore the reflection of cultural Buddhism and Brahmanism-Hinduism through a thorough usage of PL-SKT words relevant to Indian religions in Thai; and 3) to explore the impact of cultural Buddhism and Brahmanism-Hinduism towards Thailand’s kings in Bangkok period. It was found that with reference to Brahmanism-Hinduism and Buddhism spread out to Thailand extensively, both of them influenced to Thai culture and integrated each other harmoniously. Particularly, the language culture that Thai people used generally in terms of PL-SKT about the kings such as Ramadhibodi and Phrabuddha Yodfa Chulaloke (King Rama I) etc., has obviously reflected via both religions. The term ‘Ramadhibodi’ and the alias ‘King Rama I’ implied entirely about the impact of cultural Brahmanism-Hinduism and then Buddhism, on the power of Rama, who reincarnated from Narayana God appeared in Ramayana epic. Thai people prefer to use such the language culture related to Thai kings via PLSKT words not only to express the reigns and status of kings, but also reflect obviously their specific ruling patterns. Kings in Bangkok period, like Bodhisatva, implied the powerful ruling system of divine (Devaraja) tended obviously to righteous kings (Dharma raja), who refuged to the Triple Gems together. Evidently followed Buddhism, kings must consist of the political morality such as Tenfold Virtues of the King (Dasavidha Rajadharma) etc., and protect populations in order to bring them the happy life. Also, there seems to have usage of the language culture impacted to all kings based on background of Buddhism via naming ‘the Royal Buddha’ (Phra Buddhachao Luang) etc., to honor the Kings, who passed away undoubtedly.

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