International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

Researching of the Relative Syntagmas in the Languages of Different System at the Contemporary Stage (Azerbaijani and English)
Hashim L. Akbarov

The article deals with the investigation of syntagma and relative syntagmas in the Azerbaijani and English languages. They are researched as syntactic units of linguistics, classified according to their types and spoken widely of their meanings in the article. This unit consisting of two members of the combined words is used in the functions of determining and determined. It is explained as a semantic-syntactic event, studied and developed its semantic features. It should be noted that signs perform the system of approaches in the form of syntagmatics and paradigmatics. Syntagmatic approaches are based on distributive potentials of signs, their valence, but paradigmatic approaches are based on the selection of definite element of paradigm signs, namely for that reason Saussure considers the morphology as the “sphere of paradigmatics”, but the syntax – the “sphere of syntagmatics”. But a notion of “verticality” and “horizontality” exists even in the row of language signs of classic linguistics. So syntagmatics is explained as a “horizontality”, but paradigmatics as a “verticality”. This work is one of the first attempts in this area. Thus, the theoretical and methodological basis of the origin and development of combinatorial linguistics as a fundamental discipline in which we investigate the relative syntagmas (RS), it should be regarded as theoretical works of Azerbaijani and foreign (Western European and American) linguists. In European languages researching the syntagma and its nature has intensified in the twentieth century, helped by scientific advances in the field of not only the humanities but also in psychology, anthropology, psycholinguistics, sociology, various fields of knowledge that explore communication processes. Researching of syntagmas in Western schools of linguistics based on the search for a methodology that promotes the creation of the basic fundamentals of communication of different languages. The object of study in this article is also to review the linguistic theories of Germanic studies, the definition of typological studies which may be used in the development of RS of the Azerbaijani language. The object of our scientific interest is the further development of the theory and its application in consideration of the nature of the Azerbaijani RS - syntagmatic way. The American linguists (J.Kats, J.Fodor, U.Vaynraykh) made the greatest contribution to the development of combinatorial linguistics in the twentieth century. They stressed the need of semantics in syntagmatic description. London linguists, headed by J.R.Firth include the need to focus the study of speech is not only its linguistic, but also extra-linguistic features of speech utterances. Despite of the progress of structural linguistics in German studies is still no classification of the forms of verbal means. Thus there is a need for a global description of semiological systems which relate to the same slice in synchronic German studies.

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