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Rational Political Consciousnesses and Rational Politics Are the Only Way to Heal & Revolutionized Indian Politics and Triumphed Political and Allied Developments on Her Subcontinent
Mr. Tarakanta Biswal

The changing scenario of world politics India has to lean to Rational Politics to position herself amongst world figures. The internal contradictions and external pressures taught lesson to India to abide by rational ideals of rational politics to sustain and flourish her all round developments. The menacing danger of nuclear war, boarder disputes, economic disparity, social disorder, diverse morality on religions, eradication of poverty, skill developments and skill up gradations, intensive research on higher education, mass education, military selfsufficiency, politics on diplomacy, measures against vote bank politics, women education and women empowerment, infiltrations and terrorism, child and maternity care, Infrastructure and communication revolution, establishment of liberty, equality and justice on its true sprits, management of bureaucracy, community development programs, adherence to welfare politics and welfare economics, employment generations and self employments, Gram Swaraj, managements of disabled and orphans, fulfillment of basic human needs, eradication of corruptions from public offices i.e from files and ranks, measure to meet liberalization, privatization and globalization, high deal to black money and under world mafias, old age managements etc are challenges to modern day democratic politics of India. India needed to stand, sustain and trigger her developments amongst these challenges. The only solution left to India to tackle these challenges through rational political consciousness and rational politics. She should owe and learnt from her glorious past rationalities to lead and ride on pillar of success and developments. The filtered rational politics endowed with ancient, mediaeval and modern Indian politics are the sources to triumph her victory in modern day democracy and sustained her in international politics. The first and foremost inescapable and unavoidable needs which India must meet are military self-sufficiency, development and updating of science and technology, economic prosperity, superior diplomacy and mental revolutions. India needed advanced military strategy not to repeat irreparable losses inflict after battle with Muhammad of Ghazni, Babar, Nadir Shah, Ahmad Shah Abdali and final culmination in battle of Buxar. What she expected from military is to reinstalled Robert Clive force not the Siraj-ud –Daula force which bestowed on quantity and deprived on quality. The demands of rational politics to military self-sufficiency are moral up-gradation, better equipped and equality of status, opportunities and amenities for all soldiers. This will built unity and unique amongst soldier to defend and sustain upcoming challenges to security of India. The lost to defend future major war means repeating the history of alien rules and loss of social, political, economic and intellectual rights. It is high time for Indian parliamentarian to rethink, revamp, reevaluate and reforecast the future India on the demands of rational politics. The emerging India needed revolution not evolution to establish her in world politics and meet demands of her own public. The mediocre politics that started by Indian National Congress are only stamped and usages after independence. The leadership of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose in 1938 and 1939 at Haripura and Tirpuri sessions of Indian National Congress needed etiquette. His politics on military self-sufficiency and economic planning needed forward position to stationed India amidst confronting world scenario. The politics of India can’t be weighted, vetted and restricted to party whims but to envisaged a rational politics to lead and revolutionized her modern politics. The education systems that supplied clerk to British India are to be molded to demands and necessity of modern India. The demands of rational politics to Indian education system are that it should reevaluated and reshaped to people centric, nation centric, international centric to meet development projects at individual, local, national andinternational arena. The vision of Rational Politics to upcoming and revolutionized India is that ‘A elected body of politics not withstanding stationed at centre, state or local bodies and not evaluated on caste, religions, creed, races, sex, and the political parties he/she belongs to be worked together for a united India where poor and downtrodden can extracted the fruits of the rational politics. They can commit themselves for better India by resolving the internal affairs, spurring development projects and challenging the world on single hand to uphold her unit and integrity”. The modern democratic India can’t prosper by party affiliations, vote bank politics, psychological exploitation of masses, hereditary politics, regional politics, weighted and vetted politics on money, politics of give and take and politics of past trends. The only solution to these problems is active involvements and commitment to rational political consciousnesses and rational politics by the ameliorated masses and public spirited political leaders. The rationally revolutionized India can only feed and meet demands of poorest of the poor in this subcontinent and share first benefits of her rational politics to their bliss. The Emerging India will witnessed a Congress lead on the spirit of Rational Politics and work on the behest of Rational Political Consciousness to heal and revolutionized her present day politics and trumped political and allied developments on her subcontinent. It not only emancipates humanity from poverty but also established parity and world prosperity.

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