International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

The Future of The Middle East (Conflict, Survival): An Analytical Study*
Associate Professor Khaled Mohsen

This paper attempts to analyze the Middle East's future stability in the light of the developments and changes in the Arab region, as a repercussion of the Arab protests and conflicts in some of the Arab countries, especially in Syria, Libya and Yemen, which will contribute in making structural changes in the Arab region. Another goal for this study is to prove the following hypothesis: there is an interconnected relationship between the conflicts and the forms of the alliances and interventions in the Arab region and the future of the region . This Study used integrative analytical framework. This study concluded that the interactions in the Arab region after the Arab Spring became more flexible and connected to the interests related to the Arab issues, thus all patterns of interactions in the region should be reconsidered, like the style of ridged axis such as the revolutionaries and conservatives, or appeasement and opposition countries. As an outcome of the changes the Middle East witnessed and is still witnessing ,in the oncoming years the Arab region will go under radical changes in the alliances which could possible go beyond the borders, as the changes after the revolutions of "The Arab Spring" are looking grim for the people in the region, it will also witness a withdraw in the role of the patriotic country, in favor of the spread of armed groups which are gaining momentum in the framework of facing the violent national country , which will be accompanied with a phase of security chaos, that the countries of the Arab Spring are now living. The study recommends calling for a structural, political and legal reformation for the Arab League, improving its role and enhancing the responsibility assumed by it, providing support for the Arab League as a regional Arabic organization maintain Arabs unity in their decisions and vision, to reinforce the unity between the countries as members, and rooting the political, economic and social cooperation between them.

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