International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

The Effectiveness of Analyzing Design Works in Developing the Artistic Taste for the Secondary Stage Students
Prof. Dr. Aad Mahmood Hamady, Asst. Prof. Dr. Namer Kasim Khalaf

The Artistic Taste Is Considered As One Of The Aspects Which The Iraqi Education Ministry Attempts To Achieve Through Implementing The Artistic Education Programs In The Materials And Curriculums Of The Secondary Schools. Hence, We Must Give Attention With This Aspect And Developing The Basis Which Contributes In Achieving It. On Top Of This, Comes Overcoming The Problem Low Standard Of The Artistic Taste Which Became A Dire Necessity Which Puts The Current Study In Front Of The Correct Scientific Steps In Adopting This Need.The Research Aimed At Identifying The Effectiveness Of Analyzing Design Works In Developing The Artistic Taste For The Secondary Stage Students; In Addition To The Variations In The Artistic Taste Between The Male And Female Students At This Secondary Stage. The Study Included Two Samples From The Fifth Secondary Class Students Where The First Sample Was An Experimental Sample Whereas The Second Sample Was A Control Sample . The Number Of Students In Each Sample Equal (30) Male And Female Students That Is (15) Male Students And (15) Female Students For Both Samples For Both Experimental And Control Samples. This Study Used The (Artistic Taste Test) As A Research Tool Prepared In Year 2010 For The Universities Colleges Students. The Two Researchers Adjusted This Test To Conform To The Secondary Stage Students And According To The Well-Known Controls In The Scientific Research. For This Test New True And Steady Coefficient Were Invented Where It Was Possible To Use And Implement This Test On The Secondary Stage Students. Also, The Research Was Performed Through The Use Of Statistical Means Which Were Suitable To Extract The Results. The Study Reached The Following Group Of Results Including:The Experimental Sample Which Used (Analysis Of The Design Works) Was Superior To The Control Sample With Statistical Significance Equals (0.05). The Study Also Concluded That There Are Differences Between Male And Female Students In The (Artistic Taste) Variable At Significance Level Of (0.05). The Research Reached Several Conclusions Such As The Artistic Taste For The Secondary Stage Students Can Be Developed By The Method Of Analyzing The Design Works. The Two Researchers Reached Several Recommendations Such As Using The (Analysis Of The Contents) As A Teaching Strategy In Teaching The Secondary Stages Students In The (Artistic Education) Subject

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