International Journal of Humanities and Social Science

ISSN 2220-8488 (Print), 2221-0989 (Online) 10.30845/ijhss

Equivalence of Festival Culture from Cultural Perspective
Dr. Linli Chen

Equivalence, as one of the most controversial and problematic issues in translation studies for centuries, can be said to be the central issue in translation that aims at conveying meaning from one language to another. Eugene A. Nida, with his theory “dynamic equivalence”, has provided theoretical foundation for further study in this field. There are many factors, such as linguistics, culture and expertise knowledge in certain fields influencing the process of translating and a complete equivalence is, in most cases, hardly possible. Therefore, it is important to have the translator’s cultural awareness and creativity in translating based on certain translation theories. In this paper, equivalence of festival Culture of ethnic group in China from cultural perspective will be discussed, trying to find future directions for further research on this topic.

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